Why smtp is a big issue in here

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I have created a php script using phpmailer. I have zoho smtp credintials.
All my ports are opened in the server. And seems closed by digitalocean.
How I can send Emails using smtp in digitalocean.
I tried postfix, I have followed two tutorials I installed unnecessary files. Even if it works the Emails will go to spam folder.
How to connect to digitalocean.
I am not a new user, I created this account before 4 years. I used it for two years. Then I stopped because I found problem that I cannot fix.
Back now again, I found a problem from the first month that I cannot solve.
I need a help to use phpmailer with digitalocean by zoho. I need to use my own domain.
I read all
zoho articles on google.
I read all digitalocean articles on google.
I read all postfix articles on google.
I need someone to help me below this comment. I explained my issue.

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Hi @Abdo,

If you wish to send e-mails from Postfix or even Exim you’ll need to configure them on your droplet. Once you have it configured only for SMTP, you’ll need to configure SPF and DKIM. Both of them serve as authentication so that other servers know your E-mails are legit.

SPF and DKIM are two types of TXT records in DNS that can help prevent email spoofing and ensure legitimate emails are delivered into the recipient’s inbox instead of spam folder. If your domain is abused by email spoofing, then your emails are likely to landed in recipient’s spam folder if they didn’t add you in address book.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record specifies which hosts or IP addresses are allowed to send emails on behalf of a domain. You should allow only your own email server or your ISP’s server to send emails for your domain.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) uses a private key to add a signature to emails sent from your domain. Receiving SMTP servers verify the signature by using the corresponding public key, which is published in your DNS manager.

You can follow the following articles in order to configure it on your Droplet: