why the cpu speed of FRA1 1.8GHz where DO mostly used 2-3GHz speed on other region?

May 18, 2016 1.9k views

what i knew DO use Intel Hexcore processors between 2.0 GHz and 3.0 GHz. but today i created a new droplet on FRA1 and found the CPU speed is 1.8GHz. though the CPU model is the newer one then AMS3 but still CPUs from AMS3 had 2.4 GHz.

why did DO used E5-2650 v3 1.8GHz when they had same model on 2.3GHz available on the same time? is it only the costing?

1 Answer

There’s no CPU speed guarantee even within a single location. So it’s normal that between different locations, servers may vary even more.

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