Why when I resize my droplet to plan of $20, my SSD is 20gb and not 40gb?

August 23, 2013 4.9k views
I have a droplet, initialized with plan of $5, with plan of $20, but my SSD don't upgrade to 40gb. SSD staying in 20GB.
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As noted on the poweroff state of the "Fast-Resize" page:

"Fast Resize: Will allocate the upgraded RAM and Cores for your virtual server without making any disk changes. 1 Minute downtime."

By skipping the disk resize, we are able to shorten the time required to resize server RAM and CPU.

To change the disk size use a snapshot/re-deploy method instead:

1) take a snapshot
2) Optional but recommended: verify the snapshot (create/boot/destroy a test droplet of the desired size)
3) destroy your old droplet (this releases the IP)
4) create a droplet of the desired size using the snapshot as a starting image. This will get the IP released above.
Hi Kamal,

Sorry, I don't see the message!

I follow this tutorial and my droplet is fine now :D

@kamal What about the data files + mysql data, password, ssl and other stuff --- does that all needs to be changed after rebuilding the droplets from the snapshot?

Does the Fast Resize only changes RAM + CORES ? what about Bandwidth ?
@hypertextsol: No, a snapshot is a complete clone of your droplet. Fast-Resize changes bandwidth as well.
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