Why will my server code with the MongoDB extension work locally on my computer but not on the DigitalOcean server?

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I have made an Authentication API with Node.js and MongoDB which works perfectly on my local machine. As soon as I upload it to Digital Ocean with Ubuntu, however, everything that doesn’t rely on MongoDB works (for example, I have some validation code that checks if the send email is actually an email or not and if it isn’t I get the appropriate response back so the nod.js code is working without errors.) However, if I send details that require to use the MongoDB part of the code, nothing happens. I send the request through Postman and it just stays on ‘Sending request’. When I connect to the database, it prints out “Database connected” so it connects to the database correctly, just won’t do any of the queries I ask it to do.

Am I missing something or any steps I haven’t gone through? I haven’t got a firewall on the Ubuntu Server either so anything should go through it.

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  • The first line of code that queries the database is this:

    const emailExist = await User.findOne({email:});
    if(emailExist) return res.status(400).send(‘Email already connected to an account’);

    I realized the 'await’ function is probably the one that’s preventing the code from proceeding and causing postman to stay on the 'Sending request’. So it’s definitely the database being queried that is a problem, not allowing the code to proceed.

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This indeed sounds like a database problem, what I could suggest is to make sure that your database details are correctly specified in your node db.js file - check the port, the host, the user and the password and make sure that they are correct.

Also I would recommend taking a look at this article which would show you how to configure MongoDB with your Node application:

Let me know how it goes!

by Kathleen Juell
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