Will private networking speed up the connection between droplets?

December 22, 2015 3.7k views
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I'm a little confused about what is the practical use of a private networking. I want to create two droplets for my website, on for the php staff (server A) and another for mongodb database (server B). Should I enable private networking on these servers and use server B's private ip for mongodb connection string on server A or this is not the correct use for private networking?

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Running a remote Database is a perfect use of Private Networking. You could further restrict the public interface access on Server B for added security.

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Jon Schwenn
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  • @jschwenn
    Do i need to enable private networking on boh vps?
    Also is it posible to install phpmyadmin on this ocation?

    • You would need to enable private networking on both Droplets. Phpmyadmin would be for MySQL databases. Technically you could host a tool on Server A to use to work with the database, but you would want to weigh the security implications of that.

      • @jschwenn
        thanks for your answer,
        just one thing is not clear, if i must install phpmyadmin of the database server, dont i need to install remaining of LEMP on that server? like nginx and php?

        i would really appreciate if you give me a details idea on this part.

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