Will taking a snapshot of the droplet take a backup of droplet+domain+let'sencrypt certificate?

Posted October 23, 2018 1.5k views
BackupsUbuntu 18.04

If I take a backup using the snapshot, will it include the droplet + the domain on top of it + the lets encrypt cert?

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1 answer

When you take a snapshot of a droplet, everything on the local file system of that droplet is backed up in a snapshot. So all files, configurations, installed items, etc are backed up.

As the comment suggests, if you create a new droplet you will get a new IP so you will have to update your DNS accordingly.

If instead you “restore” a droplet from a snapshot, the IP will be preserved and you will not need to make any DNS changes.

  • What about to use floating IP. I means: if i create a floated IP , i think that it doesn’t change or disappear while i monthly pay $4. So, i could have a “destroyed” droplet (previously i would take an snapshot) and then i could deploy again a new droplet with that snapshot and assign it to the same floating IP.

    Obviously, the subdomain/domain has always been configured in its DNS record A to point to the floating IP.

    My question is this: the SSL Let’s encrypt certificate can be configured in this architecture without any problem?

    I’ve seen that:

    • when you create a droplet, it gets an IP
    • when you assign a droplet to a floating IP, you can reach the droplet (for example using SSH) through both IPs
    • if from the droplet i make a WGET call to a server, its public IP is NOT THE FLOATING IP, but the first IP (!!)

    So, if once assigned the droplet to the floating IP i install the Lets Encrypt certificate, which IP will be taken? The ideal thing would be the floating IP, in this way we can destroy the droplet and deploy it again from an snapshot as many times we need more “load capacity” in the future, and the SSL certificate would run fine as the first day.

    But i suspect that it’s not easy. Please, can someone put some of light on how get this solved?

    If i could request to DigitalOcean, i would ask for be able to pay for maintain my droplet IP although i destroy the droplet, paying that monthly $4 (as for a floating IP). Is it possible?

    Many thanks in advance for any help. I’m new to this wonderful world of cloud hosting services! ;-)