Will Zpanel (or VirtualMin) erase my already-exist app and data?

September 28, 2014 2k views

hi, I am thinking of installing Zpanel (or VirtualMin as recommended by some in this forum), my problem is, I already have had LAMP installed on my droplet (BTW, as I have the most cheap service, I can have only one droplet, do I? )

I also have my MySql database populated with tables, and php web apps installed, my site is up and running now, thus the question is, can I continue to install ZPanel (VirtualMin) w/o easing the existing app and data? Or I have to start on a clean and clear ground?

Thanks for your answers!

1 Answer

No, installing Virtualmin or ZPanel won't erase your existing data but there's a very high chance that your app will stop working as both panels configure Apache/MySQL themselves so your existing configuration will be overwritten.

I highly recommend creating a fresh new droplet and then installing Virtualmin (or ZPanel) on it. Once you're done that, you can begin migrating your sites to the new droplet.

  • I agree, every control panel documentation always suggests that to start the installation on a fresh deployment of the respective choice of OS..

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