Within minutes of spinning up a droplet, logs show Chinese IP address probing. Normal?

November 10, 2015 3.7k views
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I spun up a ubuntu / node server. I went through and added a public key. I disabled root access. Now Im experimenting with nginx. I stumble with that so I check the logs in


I expected to see only my IP and connections.

I see several IPs that arent mine, one of which is

Which I looked up the owner for and found

China Unicom Henan

This droplet is literally hours old, with nothing on it but Ubuntu, Node, and Nginx.

It seems the Chinese are systematically probing each new droplet created.

Is this concerning, or business as usual?

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  • In my case /var/log/secure grows to 1.5 MB per day - it failed logins from Chinese IP-address. They try to login under root and less under other logins...

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This is not uncommon.

  • Really? Seems ... i dunno... wrong somehow? I dont know why, I mean theyre welcome to watch me fumble around with nginx but geez. They must have a way to systematically find every new spun up droplet, which seems ominous. Security must be a nightmare.

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