Wondering the speed difference between amsterdam&NY

May 23, 2013 3.5k views
Hi all, I am planning to migrate my droplet from NY to amsterdam in order to have a faster connection. However, I am wondering to what extend this operation will improve the speed. Any experience or comment? Thanks p.s.: I am also wondering whether I will be charged for moving my droplet or not. (I will destroy this one and set up a new one)
3 Answers
The distance between me and amsterdam : ~2000km
The distance between me and new york: ~8000km
Not sure about speed, but you'll have a slightly more responsive terminal though due to lower latency. Whether or not it's noticeable though, I couldn't say.
You can try out the speedtests at the bottom of the FAQ page (https://www.digitalocean.com/faq) and perhaps ping the test IPs so you can if the speed difference is worth migrating your droplet to Amsterdam.

You won't be charged for the droplet anymore once you destroy it. I suggest creating a snapshot, distributing it to all regions, creating a new droplet in Amsterdam off of the droplet, making sure everything works correctly, and destroying the old droplet.
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