wordpress and node.js app setup on same droplet

June 16, 2017 1.6k views
WordPress Node.js

Trying to figure out root and host name set-up for our project. Right now the app resolves to domainname and then it has pages like domainname/create. We want to add a wordpress site so that domain name resolves to that and then have the pages the app creates make domainname/create, domainname/manage. Can both be root and run on different ports? If so what are the network setup controls we need to set for this. Or are we best moving the app to domainname/app/ and having pages like domainname/app/create

Also what are the best practices for having wordpress and node.js share a droplet. Should we have a second one for the website?

Obviously a bit of a newbie at setting up more advanced dns records.

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Hi @joshd1f1370e840ea51b0774e5

Are you using Nginx or Apache to reverse proxy to Node.js? As long as you have enough resources (RAM+CPU), then you can host both on the same droplet.

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