Wordpress application install and ftp

November 2, 2013 4.5k views
Hi, I'm pretty new at this server management, but thought I would give it a go, but now I'm a bit stuck and hope that somebody has the time to help me get over this issue I'm having. I created a droplet, using the Wordpress application install option and it all worked out fine. I then installed vsftpd to have access to my wp files, so that I could connect it to my development tool and upload the files quickly. I got the ftp working, by following a tutorial here, but when I log in with my root access user, I can't see any folders. Could anybody explain to me, which user I should use or how to get access to my wordpress directory on the droplet. Thanks, olaf
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by Pablo Carranza
This article will teach you how to use Filezilla to transfer and manage files securely on your VPS.
Did you need a course about Linux Management .

1 FTP is more insecure whit working a development sites.

Is more secure using a SFTP client .
I have the same problem...

How can I solve it?
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