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Hello, first I apologize for the english I'm using google translator. I'm trying to make my wordpress send emails to more than two days without success, I tried all possible tutorials that are available here. Tried using exim4, postfix, sendmail is unable to send an email successfully through the wordpress with such options or email test by WP-SMTP plugin. Please can someone give me some light on how I can make my wordpress send emails? Only need it to send emails to a contact form work.

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Uninstall exim4, postfix, sendmail, or whatever MTA you installed previously, and the WP-SMTP plugin.

Install postfix:
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive sudo apt-get install postfix -y

sudo sed -i 's/inet_interfaces = all/inet_interfaces = loopback-only/' /etc/postfix/
sudo service postfix restart

Then configure Wordpress to use the php mail() function.
Hello Kamal,

I did exactly what you said, uninstalled all options, postfix, exim4 and sendmail.

I installed postfix again with the commands that you have set, ran the line configuration command "sed", which did not return me any error.

Restarted postfix selected in wordpress to use the function to send email via php, and yet still can not receive emails, the website itself shows that the email was sent just never get the message in my inbox.

Any other way I can try to operate the e-mails from my wordpress?
@leandro-sp: Can you send mail from the command line?
echo test | mail
Fiz os testes e quando verifico na minha caixa de e-mails não tenho recebido nenhum email. Testei com o gmail, outlook e yahoo e em todos não tenho tido sucesso.
I did the tests and when I check in my inbox emails have not received any email. Tested with the gmail, yahoo and outlook and all have been unsuccessful.
Você conseguiu enviar os e-mail através do formulário de contato do wordpress Leandro-sp?
Sounds like you I had a nightmare of a time setting up emails to work. I've been at it for almost 3 days on just this issue. Finally got it to work following this tutorial:

My personal setup:

Configured MX records for microsoft Outlook which I've been incredibly impressed with. I'm talking about the web version which used to be hotmail. So far it seems to be a cleaner email system than gmail or yahoo and you can set it up with your own domain name for free unlike gmail which charges you $50/year for their google apps version. You'll need to google search this though.

Then wait until the MX records on digital ocean are all set (up to 24 hours) and go activate your Outlook mail with your domain instead of

Once I could send/recieve emails from this, I just had to follow the tutorial at the above link.

I did not have to install postfix or anything else on my server for this to work.

Totally, utterly lost trying to follow a hundred different tutorials, suggestions, tests, etc.

  • echo test works
  • using Fast Secure Contact Form test email works
  • I receive automatic confirmation emails

But the original email is never received!

Olá Leandro você conseguiu configurar o disparo do email do WP?

Lenadro você conseguiu alguma solução para esse problema?

Setting up your own email server is a nightmare. I’ve also found that if you use Gmail for transactional email, they sometimes block it since it looks like spam.

I just set up my Wordpress instance to use Mandrill and it couldn’t have been easier to set up. Currently you can send up to 12k emails for free, which is more than the amount I need to send. Sign up for an account, install the WP plugin, enter your API key and you’re good to go.

Estou com o mesmo problema da função wp_mail( ); , testei na hostgator, fucionou o email acusando de phising mas enviou, phpMailer resolve??? estou vendo que tem problemas no relacionamento de posts.

Olá Pessoal,
Não sei quantos de vocês ainda estão com o mesmo problema. Eu estava… não estou mais…
A questao principal é que a DigitalOcean BLOQUEIA SMTP ou Email via SO para alguns usuários em certos contextos. Na prática: novos usuários não podem enviar email a partir de um droplet.

Para resolver isso: Abra um ticket. Eles vao te explicar que fazem isso por questao de segurança, mas após te perguntar mais algumas informações eles podem te conceder este direito.

No meu caso, ainda precisei instalar e configurar o postifix. Apos isso, funcionou tudo certinho

Espero ter ajudado

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