Wordpress droplet as a directory, on another droplet?

May 26, 2016 711 views
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I hope that makes sense.

Basically, we're going to have a javascript app running at, and I want Wordpress installed on It's better for SEO to do rather than So the javascript app would be one droplet, and then the Wordpress install would be another droplet. Is there a way to set it up with a CNAME or something to have /blog point to one droplet and everything else on the domain point to the other droplet?

Domain was registered at namecheap.

1 Answer

The only way I know of to accomplish your intended result is to have a load distributor like Varnish processing the paths. For example, you would have your domain name pointed at your varnish server, another server with your, then another server with your Varnish would process requests to your main domain and the /blog.

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