Wordpress droplet does not allow me to send SMTP e-mails

June 17, 2017 1.8k views
DigitalOcean Email

I am using a WP droplet and trying to configure my GMAIL SMTP account on it (I was intending to use the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin, but somehow this is not working (my browser freezes even when I am trying to send the e-mail test from the plugin platform).

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Hi @marcosmilani

It might be because your DigitalOcean account is fairly new, which means that sometimes there’s a filter activated to block SMTP to avoid spam on the platform.
You need to contact Support via the control panel to get unblocked.

Another solution I would recommend that you have a look at SparkPost as an alternative way of sending mails via WordPress.

Thank you very much for the real quick reply. I’ve managed to contact support guys (which also replied really quickly) and the problem is now solved =)

Same problem, unfortunately my smtp port is still blocked even though I messaged them.

  • check your server port allowed
    make sure port tls and ssl is allowed.
    install ufw thank check status ufw

    good luck

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