Wordpress Droplet server down on multiple installation

Posted August 11, 2021 157 views

I have a 5$ Ubuntu single-click WordPress installation droplet.
i have hosted multiple (Around 3) WordPress websites on that.
whenever I try to modify any website content, my server goes down.
I need to manually restart the server with “service apache2 restart” command
this happens every now and then.
Is there any problem with PHP memory limit or any other problem ?
please guide me.

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Hi @ajjain1280,

Describe, going down, is ot only apache that comes down or other services as well?

Additionally, what changes are you referring to, can you be a little more specific? Are you updating your PHP code, your Website from your BackEnd or something else?

Additionally, once your Website is edited and your server goes down, if it’s apache, can you please check it’s logs to see what has happened? In there you should have an exact error stating why it went down.

  • hii thanks for reply,

    To describe going down - All the hosted websites goes unavailable, whenever a new request is made on any website the loading circle in the tab keeps rotating anticlockwise and no data is provided by server.
    In this situation i cannot access Wordpress frontend, backend and not even PHPmyadmin of any live website on droplet.

    Changes - changes like adding a new post or simply editing anything in backend of any Wordpress website hosted on droplet leds to server down.
    Even to update any changes i need to restart apache2 server again and again which also takes almost 2-3 minutes to restart, wherever in past it would take only about 2-3 seconds to restart apache2 server.

    Regarding logs - I do not have any knowledge about how and where to check logs, it would be a great help if you can guide me.

    • Hi @ajjain1280,

      So let’s start with the logs, logs should be found at /var/log/apache2.

      Having said that, what you are describing is not high load or websites going down but your Apache Workers filling up.

      So first, what are Apache Workers and what are they used for:

      Imagine you are in a cinema, and there are 300 chairs inside. Those are the Apache Workers and the movie is your Webiste. If someone wants to watch the movie(your website) they need to sit in the chair (Apache Workers). If all 300 chars are taken, the 301 person needs to wait for someone to leave in order for them to sit and watch the movie. That’s how ApacheWorkers work. Once all ApacheWorkers are taken, a new person that wants to open your website waits for a spot to be open and only after that they can see your website.

      Usually, these limits are set by 256 by default but they can be increased.

      You can open your Apache configuration file. In there you should see something similar to:

      ServerLimit 256
      MaxClients 256
      MaxRequestsPerChild 4000

      Increase both the ServerLimit and MaxClients options, restart Apache, and see if this would solve your issue.

      It’s possible they do not exist (haven’t been added) and the default values are the ones above. Adding them to the prefork content of apache mods should be fine as well.

      Don’t forget to restart Apache afterward.