WordPress Emails - Mailed By

May 29, 2018 503 views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04


I have two WordPress sites on a droplet.

  • domain1.com (subdomain.domain1.com as hostname)
  • domain2.com

When a user registered an account on domain2.com, an activation email sent to the user.
But the “mailed by:” in the header shows that it’s mailed by domain1.com.

The signed by is correct, which is signed by domain2.com.

I guess that’s the reason why it gets into spam folder? Because it’s mailed by other domain.

How do I set it to have domain2.com (and any other domains on the droplet) to be mailed by its own domain?
e.g. domain2.com, mailed by domain2.com.
e.g. domain3.com, mailed by domain3.com.

I have Postfix and OpenDKIM on the droplet.

Thank you.

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