Wordpress "Error establishing a database connection" on fresh install

Posted December 20, 2013 9.4k views
I played with this for a couple of hours and hit the wall. Wordpress is giving me "Error establishing a database connection." I have a fresh LEMP install with Debian 7. I created a new MySQL user and a new database for Wordpress as listed in one of the tutorials here. I can log into MySQL with the new user credentials so I know the password I wrote down is correct. I am 100% certain that the wp-config-php database authentication credentials are correct. If I change the user and the password in wp-config.php to the MySQL root user the error does not go away. When I run this PHP script with my user credentials I can connect to the database: $db = @mysql_connect('localhost', 'username', 'password'); if (!$db) echo "connection failed"; else echo "connection succeeded"; I have even remade the wp-config.php from the "sample" file just to make sure something critical wasn't damaged elsewhere. I tried replacing "localhost" with my droplet IP address (don't have a domain name yet). So I know that my username and password are good. File permissions for wp-config.php couldn't possibly be a problem? I mean, the PHP file is running and reporting an error. Could it be that the database is corrupt although this little PHP connection tester is working? Do I need to put something specific in place of "localhost" for Wordpress to work?

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@EmilJacobs: Is MySQL running?
sudo ps wwuax | grep mysql
If not, start it:
sudo service mysql start
and add swap: or
by Etel Sverdlov
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Does the database not connect at all? Or, does it connect for a little while and then crash? Have you tried rebooting your droplet and/or MySQL?
SOLVED: I configured the MySQL user wrong. It's working now. Thanks.
And how did you solve it? The world (well, that part that has the same issue) would like to know.