Wordpress + FTP can download files but cannot upload

June 29, 2018 708 views
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I’ve set up my droplet (Ubuntu 16.04.04 x64 + LEMP) and installed Wordpress following the DigitalOcean tutorials but I have an issue with modifying files via FTP/SFTP.

I use SublimeText, but I’ve also tested it with Filezilla and both seem to behave the same way, so it looks like a server setting.

I have a sudo user called ‘sam’ for admin
I have a normal user who I chown the files to called 'www-john’

What happens

I log in using my sudo user (SSH key is loaded into Pageant) and I can log connect to the server successfully.

I can browse pretty the whole directory and I can download any file.

However, I cannot seem to upload.

When I do, I get an error message

  • SublimeText = .. failure (Permission denied)
  • Filezilla = .. open for write: permission denied

What I’ve tried so far

  • Setting the chown ownership of /var/www/mydomain.com to sam
  • Setting the chown ownership of /var/www/mydomain.com to www-john
  • Setting the chown ownership of /var/www/mydomain.com to www-data
  • Setting the Wordpress permissions to 755 for the folders and 644 for the files

Any advice on how I can download and upload via FTP please?

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  • What are the current file permissions? Can you see 755 and 644 on your ftp client?

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