WordPress Home Page defaults to old theme

July 10, 2018 387 views
WordPress Apache Ubuntu 16.04

I created a new droplet on this IP, when I go here in any browser, incognito, cleared cache, a new phone etc I see the default wordpress theme template. But if I then refresh the page, I start to see my wordpress site.

I have restarted apache,
Changed my permalinks,
tried setting a different home page,

None of these work

Has anybody else had the same error?

1 Answer

Hello friend!

Thankfully I am not seeing the default theme from this side. It could have been a Wordpress caching plugin, if you have one installed. It is also possible that your browser did not clear the cache when you told it to. I remember a day when clearing the cache was an instruction the browser took seriously, and it seems some of them take it a bit less seriously these days. At least, that is my experience.

Kind Regards,

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