Wordpress install not sending emails

February 18, 2018 1.8k views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04


I installed one click app for WordPress and it doesn't seem to send any emails when I setup the user account. How can I fix this issue?


  • Hi, can you please post the output of this command? It will check if your Droplet is able to communicate over the ports required to send emails externally:

    nc -vz smtp.gmail.com 25
  • Hello, sorry for late response, I ended up using a plugin

  • Hello,

    I tried the command and it seemed to have just frozen, not doing anything.


2 Answers
kamaln7 MOD March 18, 2018
Accepted Answer

@MPA In that case it means that your Droplet has SMTP blocked. Unfortunately due to abuse issues some accounts have SMTP blocked default. Please open a support ticket and the team will take care of this right away!

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