Wordpress maximum upload file size not updating

April 20, 2019 286 views

I have updated my php.ini file to have the values below. I have restarted the server.

uploadmaxfilesize 64M
postmaxsize 128M
memorylimit 256M
executiontime 300
input_time 300

/etc/ini.d/apache2 restart

BUT my WordPress upload size is still 8mb. What am I missing? Please include command lines to suggestions.

2 Answers


I believe that your php.ini is not accurate, try to use the following:

 max_execution_time = 300 
 max_input_time = 300 
 memory_limit = 256M 
 upload_max_filesize = 64M 
 post_max_size = 128M

Also, you can use this website to generate your php.ini file



Thanks for this Solution,

I was facing the same issue with my blog TechiBhai

But Now, I have fixed it, by following your instructions

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