Wordpress one click install - domain refused to connect

August 27, 2019 225 views

For some reason, I destroyed my old one-click install Wordpress droplet and installed a new one also one-click install Wordpress. While the old has been configured with the tokyoseaweed domain name and worked fine the new one does not work with this domain getting the error below:

This site can’t be reached www.tokyoseaweed.com 
refused to connect.
Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall

I destroyed and recreated the domain name with the new correct IP address but I am still getting connection refused when I try tokyoseaweed.com/wp-admin or even just tokyoseaweed.com.

The site works fine if you just type the IP address.

2 Answers

Hi @jpippo,

I see the website is currently working now, can you please confirm what was the issue?

Was it DNS propagation or your Apache/Nginx server didn’t start at the beginning?

Looking forward to your reply,
Kalin D.

Yes, indeed it was a matter of propagation. Now it is working fine.
Thanks, Kalin

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