Wordpress one click installation...files edited using ftp not taikng effect

June 16, 2014 2.3k views
I have installed wordpress one click install on ubuntu 14.04, The installation was fine, wordpress is now live. i can login to admin and do all stuffs. i am using some themes for my site. i want to make it look in my way.. so i was editing the core theme files in my computer using ftp client filezilla and after editing and uploading it in to the themes directory in var/www/wp-content/themes/mythemes when i do refresh the site.. nothing has changed or updated... whats wrong here?
3 Answers
Is that theme selected in Wordpress?
yes that theme is activated in wp dashboard..do i need to run any commands after updating codes in var/www/wordpress files. i am new to wordpress in vps.. i used many shared hosting before it was very easy.
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