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December 26, 2013 3.6k views
I got LAMP installed on my Ubuntu 12.04 droplet just fine, but I'm having a difficult time getting the permalinks working. I know that this requires mod_rewrite, which I have installed on my server, but it is still not working. Is there a list of steps somewhere on how to prepare apache for WordPress?
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If you care about performance, you'll go with Nginx instead of Apache. See

1.) How To Migrate a WordPress Installation from Apache to Nginx on an Ubuntu VPS;

2.) How To Configure Single and Multiple WordPress Site Settings with Nginx;

3.) How To Install Wordpress, Nginx, PHP, and Varnish on Ubuntu 12.04.

With that said, you probably have a permissions problem. Make sure all the files & directories in your WordPress installation are owned by www-data:www-data.
by Etel Sverdlov
Varnish is an HTTP accelerator and a useful tool for speeding up a server, especially during a times when there is high traffic to a site. It works by redirecting visitors to static pages whenever possible and only drawing on the server itself if there is a need for an active process. This tutorial covers installing wordpress on a LEMP stack (with nginx instead of apache), and then installing varnish.

I’m having the same issue. Pablo, can you tell me how I can check and update all the files & directories in my WordPress folder to www-data:www-data ?

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