WordPress Site Gets Redirected to a Parked Domain

October 7, 2014 2.3k views

Hi, I'm using WordPress on Nginx, Ubuntu 14.04. I've already pointed the Namecheap DNS NS to DO. Also followed the tutorial here:

The site does get loaded when visited. But sometimes it gets redirected to a parked domain. When refreshed a couple of times after a few minutes, the site gets loaded again. I've already checked whois, and NS are those of DO's.

Also added an A Record, pointing at my server's IP address. Why is it redirecting to a parked domain? Please help. Thanks!

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  • How long ago did you make the DNS changes? Sometimes it just takes a while to fully propagate across the www..

    Before you mess with any configurations, you might just want to sleep on it.

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Hi @sierracircle, thank you for the quick reply! I made the changes yesterday. Okay, I will sleep on it and be patient. :)

Last questioin, is it necessary to add the domain name,, as an A Record? Or the @ Record is sufficient enough?

  • an A record for @ is all you need for you top-level domain.

    I usually make an A record for www as well, and just point it to the same directory as an alias

  • Okay, got it! I guess all I need now is patience for the DNS to propagate. Thank you so much, sierracircle! :)

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