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February 13, 2017 3k views
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I followed the instructions here to get SSH2 updates working in Wordpress. However, when trying to update or install anything in Wordpress (themes, plugins, etc.), I get the error:

Update Failed: The theme is at the latest version.

This seems to be a permission error, because if I change the ownership of all the Wordpress files from wp-user:www-data to www-data:www-data, the updates will work correctly. However, I don’t want the webserver process to own all of the files. It is kind of weird because the permissions on wp-content are the same for owner and group. Any suggestions?

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It seems that it is a bug with PHP7. The only way that I’ve found to make it work was installing “SSH SFTP Updater Support”: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ssh-sftp-updater-support

That doesn’t seem like an error related to permissions. What is the current chmod and chown?

Oh that is a copy/paste mistake. The real error is

Installation failed: Unable to locate WordPress content directory (wp-content).

i’m having the same issue… please help.

i’m having the same issue… please help.

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