Worst customer support - EVER.

March 27, 2019 287 views

So, one of my droplets got reported for phishing ( it seems it got hacked since it has WordPress on it, and somebody set a redirection, wow, right? ), and DigitalOcean, of course, without any notice or anything TURNED OFF my droplet’s networking without giving me a chance to resolve the issues, so basically they PUT DOWN my live production website for 10 DAYS ( it’s still down ) without any f***s given.

I’ve tried contacting their customer support, but the support platform is so broken and not working properly that my replies to their phishing ticket got deleted a couple of times and now when i answered to them again asking why is my droplet still down after 10 DAYS, they are making me sound insane by saying that I never replied to them.

DG’s platform is awesome and I like using it because of the simplicity, but customer support is absolute garbage. And yeah, the fact that they kill your live website over a stupid phishing hack that can be resolved with 1 line code change really f***s me up, both financially and mentally.

For the record, ticket numbers are: Ticket #2521900, Ticket #2531672

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Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. In some cases we do not receive replies when Google marks the incoming email as Spam. I will investigate this and see what can be improved on our side to create a better experience for customers who find themselves in a situation similar to yours.

I do see that your situation has already been resolved at this time.


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