Would a DOS from IPs I've not explicitly allowed still count towards my transfer limit?

December 2, 2016 1.1k views
Firewall Security Ubuntu 16.04

Hi guys,

You’ve probably answered my question before getting to the body of my question but without wanting to spam you or a droplet of my own, if I’ve configured a firewall with UFW/fail2ban, would a DOS/DDOS attack from non-allowed IPs eventually cause me to hit my transfer limit?



1 Answer

Going by logic, I guess yes.

DOS works by sending packets to your server by IP.

Even if you block IP address in firewall, packet will come to your server. Firewall will drop it, it will not reach Web server or other service on server, but it still reaches server and should count to transfer limit.

You could verify with support if you want official and fast answer. =)

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