Would an entry-level droplet with Ubuntu LAMP server offer a comparable performance to a similarly priced shared hosting?

June 27, 2017 1k views
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For undecided starters, leaving the technical barrier aside, would you say it'd be a better bang for the buck performanse wise? or on a par with at least?

2 Answers

Yes, it is. But a droplet (VPS) is unmanaged and requires Linux knowledge to install and maintain.

In many ways I would argue it's better bang for your buck performance wise, because all the shared hosting I've ever used has been overloaded and has other customers that periodically do crazy things which makes the situation even worse.

But like @Woet pointed out, it's unmanaged so requires knowledge to setup and maintain. If you don't have the knowledge or the time to learn then shared hosting is probably the only other option on a low budget.

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