Would Digital Ocean support Billing API in the future?

April 24, 2014 5.5k views
I am in love with Digital Ocean API. When I integrated DO API into our company tool, it make my job much easier to create test server for our clients. Currently, DO hasn't supported for getting billing information such as balance, transaction history, etc yet. I would love to have this feature because It would make us to do accounting more simple. Would Digital Ocean support Billing API in the future?
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We are planning to roll out our new API soon that will support billing integration. :)
  • Excellent... I'll be waiting for this feature!
  • I am checking out api v2.0, but it seems billing integration is not supported yet. Would it be supported in the future?

  • It's not in the first set of features to roll out with APIv2, but it's still on the roadmap. The new API gives us solid base to build on top of. It's still in beta, and we're looking for feedback. So if there's anything else you're missing, please open an issue over on our GitHub page.

  • it's been 3 years, where is the billing API?

is the API feature available now ? billing api

I'll be waiting for this feature =)

Hi! Is there any progress with the billing API feature? It would be really useful.

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