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November 28, 2019 122 views


I want to host a VPN Service. I was wondering if it would be smart and safe to host on DigitalOcean?

Thank You

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Hi @austinzechar,

There are a lot of people using openVPN whit DigitalOcean. There are even multiple guides on how to configure VPN services and how exactly to run your secure connection. The page where all these tutorials reside is (VPN tutorials

Additionally, there is a OpenVPN droplet on the GO which you can check from the DigitalOcean Marketplace. You can take a further look here - Marketplace


  • Hello,

    What I’m mostly talking about is (and I should’ve been more clear, that’s my bad) is if someone who is using the vpn for illegal stuff (eg. pirating, cracking, etc), and I don’t catch is in time, would my server’s be suspended or would I get a warning first.


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