[WP - UBUNTU 12.04] Adding SFTP users to specific folders

March 18, 2014 4.3k views
Hey There. I've got a few clients I would like to give sftp access to but only for their specific WP install. I know how to create an SFTP user but I'm not sure how to set things up so they only get access to their set of folders. Also, I posted a question about file permissions, if I change the ownership of the files in their directory to their specific sftp account, will I have to reset ownership to www-data every time they upload files?
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SFTP is just an "FTP-like" experience through SSH, so if you create a user and set it's home to /var/www/wp-site1 then it will only have access to that specific directory. e.g.

useradd -D -d /var/www/wp-site1 -G www-data -M

This translates to:

Add a user with the following options (-D):

Home directory = /var/www/wp-site1 (-d)
Add it to www-data group (-G)
Do not create home directory (-M)
  • I just tried this command and it looks like that there's something missing. I'm getting usage example after I hit return, but not sure what's wrong.

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