Writing symbols like "/" in VNC from Digital Ocean Console Page

May 31, 2015 3.7k views
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I have a Centos VPS. Even when I’m kind of new configuring Linux, it’s known to me that I have to unable root access for security purposes. But then what can I do If I have to enter root again?

Once I tried to access the Console through VNC from DigitalOcean page. My trouble is that I couldn’t type many symbols like “/”, thing that prevents me from navigating through folders.

I tried creating an admin user, but I’m not very sure if I did well, since I couldn’t access all files.

My questions are:

  • How can I type symbols like “/” in the VNC Console?
  • Should I rely only on the new admin user?
  • Opening root should be a necessity in the future?

PD: I’m not sure if it has something to do with my laptop keyboard, but my configuration is Spanish ISO.

1 Answer

By default all droplets are configured for an en-US keyboard layout. You can adjust this using the method outlined here.

In general we recommend administering your droplets via ssh and utilizing the console in the control panel as a method for emergency access should your droplet encounter a problem that causes you to lose ssh access.

  • Thanks @ryanpq , but I had no success. First, I found empty /etc/sysconfig/keyboard, then I added KEYTABLE=”es” LAYOUT=”es-mac”. Finally I shutdown. Nothing happened, in VPN I still can not type characters like the following: - :

    I’m using Centos 7, so I followed this other tutorial: link, It says I have to execute localectl set-keymap es. Nothing happened.

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