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April 17, 2013 4.2k views
Hello, https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-iredmail-on-ubuntu-12-10-x64 I have installed iRedmail successfully using the above tutorial. The SSL that InstantSSL provides is a 90 days free trial. After that we have to pay. So I avoided "Step 4 - Add SSL Certificate" in the above tutorial. Now I have 2 weird problems: 1. I am not able to use www with my domain name in the browser or in the ping. www.mydomain.org/iredadmin shows "Server not found". Ping works only without www. 2. I am not able to use http, but https works. https://mydomain.org/iredadmin works fine, but http://mydomain.org/iredadmin shows "Not Found" page. Could you please help me to understand what went wrong ? THanks.
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I'm having a similar problem. iRedmail is installed and working, but only accessible on the IP address of the server via https:// if I try and access it via the domain on https:// I get 500 error.
To help others with the similar issue with www not working:

I have resolved this issue by adding a CNAME Record alias.
Name: www
Hostname: @

I think the https://mydomain.org/iredadmin is fine. Secure connection, Better that http. So I will temporarily stick with that. But I didn't buy an SSL certificate though and currently using a self-generated certificate.
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