www doesnt work!

October 6, 2013 1.8k views
Hello everyone, im having a strange problem, so im running a droplet with ubuntu 12.04 x64 with zpanel, fail2ban and denyhosts installed, installed these with the tutorials from the community. If i try to access my website like its works perfectly, now if i try with it results with server not found. Anything that i should do with dns on the control panel of the droplet or some configuration on the zpanel that it may have to do with this?
4 Answers
Add a DNS record for 'www'. In this case you probably want a CNAME pointing to ''
Ok im a little lost, what should i put in the name and in the hostname in the CNAME record?
CNAME, i.e. alias = www
host = @
Thanks for the help, its working.
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