www.domain not recognised cname + apache alias added

April 18, 2016 1.4k views
DNS Apache

I’m sure I’ve missed something silly but can’t find what it is.
Have a domain called jslondon.org (which works fine) - decided to add support for www.jslondon.org by adding a cname and updating the apache definition with www.jslondon.org set as an alias.

www.jslondon.org does not resolve.

Worth noting that I’ve done the same with a different domain (gnesher.com) which works perfectly - so I’m obviously just missing something :/

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  • Could you send the two apache aliases/host files in order for us to compare them?
    Are there any differences in the DNS config?
    Are you able to connect to www.jslondon.org through the IP?

1 Answer

Just checked, and it appears it may have been your TTL. Everything looks fine now.

Your TTL is ~30 minutes, so basically, you would have needed to give it half an hour before trying.

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