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November 27, 2013 3.1k views
Hello, I have several domains installed on my droplet site1.com, site2.com... site1.com and www.site1.com are both loading the same correct path site2.com is loading the correct path but not www.site2.com which is loading the default path (from site1.com) In my httpd-vhosts.conf I have ServerAdmin admin@site1.com DocumentRoot "/var/www/site1.com/public_html" ServerName site1.com ServerAlias www.site1.com,mail.site1.com,stats.site1.com ErrorLog "/var/www/site1.com/error.log" CustomLog "/var/www/site1.com/requests.log" combined ServerAdmin admin@site2.com DocumentRoot "/var/www/site2.com/public_html" ServerName site2.com ServerAlias www.site2.com,mail.site2.com,stats.site2.com ErrorLog "/var/www/site2.com/error.log" CustomLog "/var/www/site2.com/requests.log" combined /etc/hosts has the subdomains too I have this CNAME for both sites: www CNAME @ Thank you
3 Answers
I guess any subdomain is loading the default documentRoot.

How can I change this?
I solved it.
It's 1 Alias per line. we can't separate them with ,
You can separate them with spaces instead and it would work as well.
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