www prefix not resolving, Nginx config correct

September 21, 2014 3.8k views

I am new to zone business stuff. I have domain.com which resolves to my droplet IP and the website loads. However, when I use www.domain.com prefix, DNS does not resolve.

I added CNAME record for www.domain.com which points to domain.com. but it still does not work. When I execute dig on domain.com I get NOERROR, but dig www.domain.com returns status: NXDOMAIN.

I am pretty certain my nginx configuration is good. How do I get the www prefix to work?

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  • It’s all good now. I didn’t wait long enough for the new information to propagate.

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My zone file:

$TTL 1800
@ IN SOA NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. hostmaster.domain.com. (
1411275820 ; last update: 2014-09-21 05:03:40 UTC
3600 ; refresh
900 ; retry
1209600 ; expire
1800 ; ttl
@ IN A 162.nnn.nn.nn
www.domain.com CNAME domain.com.

Correct Syntax for Cname is :

www.domain.com. 86400   IN  CNAME   .

note the dot in the end

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