WWW Static Site + Subdomain GHOST

August 19, 2018 724 views
Ghost DNS One-Click Install Apps

Hi everyone.

I'm planning to launch a new droplet with the following configuration.

www.domain.com --> simple HTML static site
subdomain.domain.com --> Ghost

To simplify the installation process, considering that I'm not a tech-savvy person dealing with server configuration, what would be the best way to create this droplet? In this case is it possible to create one from one-click apps droplet?


2 Answers

Hello Andre, I might be able to help you to configure your server. But sorry to ask, what do you mean by Ghost? (would you believe me if I tell you I have been working with servers by at least 3 years now and this is the first time I see "ghost". May be i know it by a different name)

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