X over over ssh or VNC?

December 5, 2012 5.7k views
I noticed with interest that you offer Fedora & Ubuntu droplets with desktop capabilities. How do you achieve this? X over ssh? VNC? Something else? Thanks, Phil...
5 Answers
You can access the desktop versions through the console viewer in the droplet control panel.
How can we access it via VNC client. I am unable to access in browser. It worked once. I have tried to get it to work again with no luck. I have tried several new machines.
VNC is not exported to a VNC client it is currently only accessible through the control panel.

We are in the process of updating that code right now so hopefully in the next 1-2 days the issue you had with establishing a connection will be resolved.
Hi there,
Have any updates on this?
Would be better if we also have options to connect using NX.

I couldn't find any option provide options to delete/edit comments once posted. Do we have an option for doing it?
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