you can't expect from My servers

January 12, 2019 300 views

you can’t expect from My servers have not been unlocked even after I have paid over $25,00 to you for the month. What kind of a scam is this? #scam #frustrated

Yo have already shutdown my server without any intimation to us. And now same you have repeated again. It causes a very huge losses to our company. We are now going to file complaint in court of India and we are going to sue you and your company to compensate our losses which has been held till now.

1 Answer

Hey friend,

This situation is much more complex than this lets on, and we’re not going to discuss it publicly as we have an obligation to protect your privacy. I’ll ask a team member to look into this and see if a follow-up is required, as I understand you have been in contact with us elsewhere.


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