you have accured 124 GB of free data transfer, but bar shows only 6!?

November 6, 2018 656 views
Control Panels - Is it OK? I’ve many times created and destroyed my droplets for getting new IP address that not in the RKN blocklist. Maybe it’s because of this

1 Answer

Hey marataziat - good question.

The screenshot you’ve shared shows the following:
124 GB accrued so far based on your Droplet consumption
6 GB of bandwidth usage so far this month

If your Droplet consumption remains the same, it’s estimated that you’ll have a total of 1,052 GB bandwidth to use this month.

If you were close to your limit you would see the entire bar filled up with blue. Since your usage is so low this month at less than 5% (6GB out of the estimated 1,052GB), you only see a very small blue segment on the far left of the bar.

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