YOURLS 404 on Link Follow

February 27, 2015 4.1k views

So I’ve got YOURLS installed on my server, setup and configured with a MySQL database and all. My .htaccess is correct, and mod_rewrite is enabled.

My problem is as follows: I get 404 errors when I click any of my shortened links. The solution on the site is to check those, which I did.

By the way, I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. The Droplet was created yesterday, so there should be nothing wrong there.

Anyone else know why this could be happening?

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  • I am also facing similar problem but not able to rectify where the problem is. Please help!

1 Answer

Can you send your .htaccess, and your configuration file? (without the database password)

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