Zabbix 4.0 for Ubuntu 18.04

January 26, 2019 1.4k views
Monitoring Ubuntu 18.04

Hi Community,

Can someone post How to install Zabbix 4.0 on ubuntu 18.04?

Thank you,

  • I'm working on a project called We just got a marketplace image on Digital Ocean. Feel free to try it out. If however you want to install it yourself, we've open sourced an ansible playbook to do the work for you on github.

  • Hi @kyleparisi

    Today I've try to setup Zabbix using your One click droplet and seems it's doesn't work. When you type IP number to web browser I'm seeing "Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page" instead. Please can you help me?


  • @technet thanks for trying the image. When deploying the image it takes about 5 minutes. During a portion of that time the default page will show up. Have you checked back on your droplet to see if the zabbix login is present? If it's not there please email and we'll investigate further.