Zentyal 4.1 wizard kills network connection on new Ubuntu 14.04 build

September 12, 2015 4.6k views
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I am trying to set up Zentyal server on a droplet. After installing the package I am able to hit the web interface of Zentyal to go through the install wizard, but upon completing the wizard the network drops and will not come back up even after a reboot (cant even SSH). I also got on the console and cannot even ping out from the VPS.

On the network settings part of the Zentyal wizard there is an option to choose internal or external for the network, I chose internal to ensure the firewall did not lock me out. It also asks for setting the interface address which I left to "not changed." Anyone successfully setup Zentyal 4.1 on a Ubuntu 14.04 droplet? If so can you tell me what network settings I should choose to get it to work? I also noticed that the setup thinks there are two network interfaces.

Any help is appreciated.

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  • I have run into the same problem, you need to set them to static, and then put in the ones that DO gives you, or clone them from the current settings in /etc/network/interfaces
    Once you get there though, and you setup your system correctly, mine dies. :P So square one.

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