February 5, 2014 3k views
I am connecting to IRC through ZNC on my droplet, I have a domain name registered, pointing at Digitalocean nameservers and added as domains. When I am connected to IRC, the host name is a bunch of letters and numbers, is there a way to make it say my domain name instead (example.com)? Thanks!
5 Answers
the host name is a bunch of letters and numbers
What is it exactly?

What's your droplet's IP address and what domain do you want to use?
Thanks for the reply!

256B2A00.6E9ACF56.176EC33F.IP is the hostname when I am connected to the servers.

Droplet IP is, domain I want to use is addeheed.eu.
Change your droplet's name in your control panel to "addeheed.eu", that should fix it.
I changed the droplet name and now it works, thank you Kamal!
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