Zpanel branded nameservers, wildcard DNS

March 26, 2013 3.2k views
Hi, I am looking to setup a web hosting company, I am going to use ZPanel and would like to have my own branded name servers. My temporary domain is http://hannhosting.tk so could you give me some step by step information on how to setup my own branded name servers. Also, at the moment, when I wan't to host another domain I have to come into the digital ocean control panel and add the domain. Will having my own branded name servers fix this? Thanks, Marcus
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We do not provided branded nameservers but you can setup your own nameservers using BIND and manage your DNS there.

You can either run scripts to help add domains or look into some sort of control panel for BIND or another DNS server to make the process simpler.

That is what I wanted to do, how would I setup zpanel to manage nameserver's and can I use zpanel as a BIND control panel?


Were you ever able to figure this out? I'm trying to accomplish the same thing w/Webmin & Virtualmin.
@Pablo: Enable BIND DNS in virtualmin and set up glue records for ns1/ns2 (it should be in your registrar's control panel, if not, contact them).
what IP addresses should I use for ns1 and ns2?
@Pablo: Your virtualmin server IP(s).
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