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December 10, 2013 6.4k views
I have recently installed Zpanel on both a Ubuntu and Centos droplet. When I try to send emails after creating an account, they never send. I also tried sending to the domain on the Zpanel, but the emails bounce back, saying no user. Does Zpanel not install an email server? Any recommendations for a control panel, that is easy to install and administrate for a newbie?
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  • Hi

    I have this same issue but after i reboot the server I can send email. But after few hours getting the same issue.

    any idea ?

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This is the perfect example of why n00bs should not use a control panel. It simply adds another layer of complexity, i.e. 1 more thing to learn.

With that said, did you create the necessary DNS records, e.g. MX record, pointing to your cloud server?
ALL of my issues righted themselves after creating ns records at my domain host and pointed them to my VPS IP address. ie, ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com .... ive installed Zpanel multiple times, only because I messed it up. Clear instructions here, i recommend CentOS ... I use 32 bit ... http://docs.zpanelcp.com/?node=24
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