zpanel mail send but not recieve

February 24, 2013 4.9k views
Hi, I have installed zpanel on my server, everything seems to be working except the mail. I can send mail from zpanel but when I try to reply, nothing comes through. I have a feeling this could be to do with my mx records so here they are: Priority Hostname 1 5 10 (hostname is my server ip) Thanks, Marcus
2 Answers
MX hostnames must be FQDN's (fully-qualified domain names), not IPs. Also, if you are only going to be using one IP address, you don't need to specify it thrice.

domain.tld MX 1 host.domain.tld.

You should also be aware that many mail servers will check to ensure that proper forward AND reverse DNS is set on the server that you have in your MX entry.
Did you ever resolve this ?
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