zPanel on CentOS

December 1, 2013 5.5k views
Hey, I've recently installed zPanel on CentOS, and it keeps saying the crons I am wanting to create don't exist. Could this be a permission error?
8 Answers
You're more likely to find people that know how to use zPanel in the zPanel Forums. The zPanel docs might also be a good place to look.
Could it be like, a file permission error though...?
I don't know, honestly -- I've never used zPanel.
Out of curiosity, why did you choose zPanel over Webmin/Virtualmin?
Could this help you ?

It was a basedir thing, that I never heard of, had to change my includes :)
*Out of curiosity, why did you choose zPanel over Webmin/Virtualmin?*
1. Super easy to install, and use.
2. Upon install, it installs a full email server for you.
3. It's free.
4. It supports an open-source project, twitter bootstrap.
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